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Russia has more than 100 nationalities, each with different religious, ideological and historical backgrounds. There are also great political differences among Russians, including their views on the West and the United States. Russians who try to speak on behalf of all Russians are either liars or paranoia.


The following is my opinion as a scholar studying American History (Doctor of American History) in the University. In addition, I am not a fan of the United States.


1. From the perspective of business development, scientific and technological achievements and the influence of mass culture, the United States is the greatest country after World War II.


2. The United States is a country where bold, positive and intelligent people can almost realize their dreams. In my opinion, your country has done a good job in supporting ambition and new vision.


3. After World War II, the United States did more to support and promote science, education and technology than any other country in the world.



4. The cultural achievements of the United States are unparalleled, from the great writers of the 19th century to the best operas, films, TV programs and cultural values. The depth and quality of projects such as "break", "game of power" or "lost" are excellent.



5. I have been to the United States three times. New York is my favorite super city, with material desires and a well deserved reputation as the crossroads of the world.


... a short pause, take a deep breath, let's continue


1. The United States is a country full of eye popping hypocrites, owning slaves but claiming to be a land of freedom? Even Russia abolished serfdom two years earlier than the United States, declared equal opportunities before the mid-1960s, but implemented apartheid? Even Europe will not be so conservative.


2. The United States claims to fight for the country's "democracy and freedom", but supports coups and evil and corrupt dictators, such as Pol Pot and Ruben Fulgencio Batista.


3. The number of people killed by the United States in the war exceeded that of the Soviet Union and Russia combined, but it was advertised as an "evil empire".



4. The U.S. government lied to its citizens and conducted espionage against its allies, but managed to maintain an expression of indifference.


5. There are so many poor people in this country, but they claim to be the richest country in the world. When I was traveling in this country, the pain of drug addicts on the street was shocking. Well, Russia has never been a rich country, but in my opinion, the contrast between American self propaganda and reality is obvious.


6. He publicized and called attention to the domestic problems of Russia and China, which has millions of prisons, police violence and gang restricted areas.


7. Mass culture full of junk movies, stupid comic books, heroes in shiny underwear and teenagers who only talk about sex.


8. The crime rate and shooting incidents are obvious to all


7. Arrogance in deciding the fate of other countries without knowing the culture, historical background and current situation of other countries.


This country is run by a misguided and arrogant government that worships democracy as a religion and sincerely believes that the United States is some kind of savior who brings good to the world. As a result, they interfere in the politics / internal affairs of other countries, often leaving them in ruins and worse than ever before.


What the United States has done is a classic example of the famous saying that "the road to hell is paved with imposed goodwill". I think the lack of destruction and civilian casualties in the United States in World War II is the reason for this arrogance. No one has ever invaded them, killed millions of people and leveled one or two cities, which may be why they are so easy to resort to war action.


Life in the United States is obviously too good for its citizens, because people invent a problem out of nothing, then blow it out of shape, followed by a fierce debate / scream competition on the problem (sometimes not to solve it), such as gay rights, feminism, sexism, racism, democracy / freedom, religion or anything else.


There are a lot of screams, fierce arguments and even fierce confrontation, but there is little practical action to solve the problem. As far as I know, many people use LGBT and other hot issues to prove their attributes and prove that they are important / correct / good. Basically, political correctness has become a way to improve their importance.



However, we still have a lot of work to do. Instead of bombing other countries and playing the tricks of the world police, we might as well use these military funds for welfare, and then begin to deal with internal problems and build a paradise on earth where most people are no longer in debt. If the United States fails to do so, it will eventually collapse and lose its "superpower status", which is likely to be replaced by China. Moreover, building a desirable miracle on earth is admirable, and overthrowing other governments and killing their citizens will only lead to fear and hatred.



I am an American who has lived in Russia for a long time. Now I work frequently in these two countries.


The United States is a beautiful country with a vast territory and amazing differences in climate, nature and ethnic groups. The country was first established as a colony and later gained independence. Now it is an oligarch and pseudo democracy. All power belongs to greedy companies and puppets from both parties.


First of all, let me clarify that I am a Democrat. For those who do not understand American politics, generally speaking, Russia's image in the United States is negative, but Republicans are usually more pro Russian than Democrats. Most Democrats believe that Russia is the biggest threat to world peace.


In Russia, people's views on the United States vary from person to person, and whether they have been to the United States is an important variable, but in general, according to my experience, the following are probably the views of Russians on the United States:


• like many Americans' views on the Russian government, Russians also (for legitimate reasons) believe that the U.S. government is a threat to world peace. In general, I would like to say that any idea of Americans and Russians is legitimate here, and their government has many unsatisfactory places.

•就像许多美国人对俄罗斯政府的看法一样,俄罗斯人也(出于正当理由)认为美国政府是对世界和平的威胁,总的来说,我想说,美国人和俄罗斯人的任何想法 在这里都是正当的,他们的政府都有很多不尽如人意的地方。

• compared with Russians, Americans are considered to be more kind and cheerful, especially very optimistic.


• American women have a poor reputation in Russia. Russian women are often proud of their femininity, and most of them think ordinary American feminists are embarrassing.


• LGBT is popular in the United States. On this issue, most Russians are more conservative in society, which is what most Russians don't want to see.


• the United States is notorious for racism. For Russians, the idea of labeling people as "white" or "black" is very strange, because Russia has always been a country where hundreds of nationalities coexist peacefully. Unfortunately, in the United States, I see many people who know nothing about the tolerance of Russians and the diversity of Russia.



• most Russians are also aware of the wealth gap and lack of social security in the United States. There are some very rich people in the United States, but homelessness is much more common than in Russia. In addition, Russia does not have the high crime rate settlements common in the United States, at least not to that extent.


• Russians who go to the United States see Americans living in luxury homes and having a lot of cars, while public transport in the United States is generally bad. In Russia, most people live in apartments, and local public transport is very good in most places. It should be noted that both the United States and Russia are very large countries. Unlike Western Europe, moving from one city to another is more difficult and / or expensive.


• as we all know, the income of Americans is much higher than that of Russians, but the cost of living is also much higher. Russia's infrastructure is very poor, and the road of the United States is much better.


For those Americans who think that Russians are more influenced by domestic propaganda, I would like to mention that both Russia and the United States have propaganda, but Russians have been more "used" to accepting it and trusting it in the past few decades. For example, all Americans I know usually rely on one or two news media that agree with their political bias. In addition, the media contrary to their political prejudices are often labeled as "false news". In the United States, you will see that Republicans have always labeled CNN false, while Democrats have always labeled fox false.



Although Russia is not actually a democratic country, it also means that Russian society is not as polarized as American society in politics. Most Russians usually rely on Russian state media to get good news about Russia, but they also check the news of Western media to check the negative news about Russia. Over the years, Russians have been skilled in dealing with fake news from Russian and foreign media.


In general, in the United States, the most fascinating are nature and culture, and the most disgusting are politics and tolerance for debauchery.